About us

In 2013 SIA XAIR was created as a specialised service company, aimed at project administration in engineering terms regarding modernisation of airports, production of components of lighting navigation aids and optimisation of delivery of hi-tech equipment for airports.

Our company delivers hi-tech equipment to airports and also modernises airports.

Since the establishment of the company in 2013 we have modernised and reconstructed Riga International Airport (Latvia), Liepaja International Airport (Latvia), Warsaw International Airport (Poland) and Lublan International Airport (Slovenia).
Activities in mentioned projects included manufacturing of lighting navigation aids, commissioning and adjusting of remote control systems of said aids, installation of devices in airports and technical support.
We buy the equipment and their parts used in the mentioned works from world level manufacturers. Our specialists, who modernise and reconstruct airports, have deep technical knowledge and extensive experience.
We take most pride in reliance of and positive feedback from our customers.